What our parents say about us

First Impressions

  • Very welcoming, liked the friendliness and maturity of the team.
  • Very helpful, able to stay with my child for as long as I felt necessary.
  • I felt at home straight away.

What the parents expect by attending the nursery.

  • To gain confidence, mix with other children, learn to share,have fun and be prepared for school.
  • To develop social skills, concept of sharing, playing in a structured environment, to develop independence away from home.
  • Confidence, friendships, learning right from wrong, fun activities, communicate with others, understanding rules and consequences.
  • To have fun, try new experiences whilst learning to play and share with other children.
  • To be polite, considerate and curtious to others.
  • To get thought provoking stimulation in a safe environment with his peers.

What the current parents like about the nursery.

  • The diaries showing the children's experiences.
  • Star of the day - making each child feel special.
  • Newsletters - very informative.
  • Being given the Ofsted report and prospectus when they started the nursery.
  • Attending the stay and play session prior to starting the group.

Parents with children who have left for school

I feel my daughter has made excellent progress whilst being at Avoncroft. All the staff are amazing, they are always friendly and willing to help. I feel they provide an extremely safe and secure environment for all the children and are extremely dedicated to what they do.

Thank you to all the teachers at nursery, for teaching my daughter and making her the young lady she is today. As they say children are born with wings, it's the teachers that make them fly!!!

Just to say a huge thank you for all the kindness and the support towards myself and the boys.

Thank you all for being so nice and friendly to my son during his time with you. I must say I have found Avoncroft Pre-School to be outstanding in all aspects of child care, learning and development. We will miss you all.